The Importance of Hair for Women of Color


Women of color have had a unique, and often challenging, journey and experience with their hair for many reasons. Although talking about hair and what you do with it may seem like a superficial subject, hair has a huge significance in signaling beauty and status in society, and it is deeply tied to our cultural identities. In fact, for many of us, how we feel about our hair is deeply connected to our authenticity.

Unfortunately, instead of celebrating our hair and its connection to feeling both authentic and beautiful, as women of color, so many of us are pushed to fret about our hair or even protect and defend it. In fact, after watching my sister fend off someone who inappropriately touched her hair this year, I decided to use my voice to speak out about this!

In this week’s video, I share the story of what happened to my sister, talk about why hair is so important for women of color, and why we must interrupt the biases around hair and beauty that impact women of color.

If my words in the video resonate with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Comment below or DM me on any of my social platforms.

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