The Two Key Elements in Every Healthy Sexual Relationship


As you’ll have heard me share in other videos and blogs, I’ve experienced a lot of heartbreak and heartache caused by infidelity at the hands of past partners, so I know how important it is to discuss and agree on the terms of a sexual relationship.

There’s a huge difference between consensual and non-consensual monogamy, and if one partner thinks a relationship is monogamous and the other thinks it’s casual, you’re going to run into problems. And this is exactly why it’s so important to have open and honest conversations about our sexual needs, including about whether you’re in a sexually casual relationship or a monogamous one.

In many cultures — like my culture, South Asian culture — sex and sexuality are taboo subjects, and we rarely talk about them, especially not casual sex. But the only way to interrupt this stigma — and clear up any confusion about whether you’re in a casual or monogamous relationship — is to talk about it!

In this #AskRitu video, I talk about my views on casual vs. monogamous sex, the two pillars of a healthy sexual relationship, and why it’s so important to be open about talking about sex. Watch now to hear what I’ve got to say!


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