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Why I Won’t Give in to the Pressure to Have Children, And You Shouldn’t Either

You’ll recall me sharing my story about freezing my eggs in a previous blog. In other videos, I’ve shared also that I often feel pressure to have children. Coming from South Asian culture, it’s considered abnormal to choose not to have children, especially as a woman. I got this messaging through my twenties and thirties, from my family, peers, and even people I don’t know, and it still hasn’t stopped even though I’m now in my forties!

I’m sure that so many of you feel this pressure too. And you know how relentless it is!

But the good news is that there’s a way to combat being on the receiving end of these types of frustrating messages. You can learn to stand in your power and find your happiness, despite feeling this unwarranted pressure.

In this video, I share why to resist acceding to other people’s expectations and how to do this, so that you can live for yourself.

Watch now!

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